Monday, 22 January 2018

Biofuels : A Step Towards Future

A large number of technologies have been tried out sources for renewable energy and, but still no single strategy is likely to provide an overall solution, it seems possible that a combination of few strategies can be employed that will linearly decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. The obstacle that remains is to develop renewable energy industries that operate linearly and can be cost competitive.

 Fossil fuels are used for the production of electrical energy, as well as liquid fuels. There are a few number of renewable or low atmospheric pollution technologies that can generate electrical energy, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and nuclear. However, renewable technologies to replace liquid fossil fuels are still in their early stages. The International Energy Agency expects that biofuels will be contributing 6% of total fuel use by 2030, but can be expanded significantly if undeveloped petroleum fields are not used or if substantial new fields are not identified. The most encouraging sustainable substitutes are almost exclusively categorized under the ‘biofuels’. This term describes a diverse range of technologies that produce fuel with minimum of one component based on a biological system. The considerable technologies presently employed for biofuels begin with terrestrial plants with ethanol, whether this is corn starch to sugar to ethanol, or sugarcane sugars to ethanol. Highly recognized production is the sugarcane-to-ethanol production in Brazil. For a lesser amount of consideration, oils from terrestrial plants – for example, soy and palm – are used to produce biodiesel. These strategies are practically at the small scale; however, as their use has heightened, it is evident that they are not sustainable, owing to the colossal amount of agricultural land that would be required to succeed a significant fraction of petroleum using this strategy.

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Jason Martin

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